A Guide to Seafood with The Food Warehouse

The Food Warehouse love fish!

Whether it’s salmon from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean or hand selected crab from the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, you’ll find these and so much more in store.

A little secret, if you think that frozen fish is not as good as fresh fish then you need to think again.Some ‘fresh’ fish displayed on other supermarket fish counters have been previously frozen or transported on ice. Look closely on the small print and you will find ‘previously frozen’. Frozen lets you take out what you need to cook your meal and put the rest back in the freezer for another day. So this means less waste and more convenience.

The Food Warehouse are proud of their fish range but it seems it’s not just them who are fans. Look at the awards we’ve picked up…
Luxury Lobster Thermidor Tails – Q Awards Winner 2016
Artic Royal Extra Large Roeless Scallops – Grocer Own Label Food & Drink Awards Finalist
Artic Royal Whole Black Tiger Prawns – Guild of Chefs Approved
Artic Royal Sea Bass Fillets – Guild of Chefs Approved
Artic Royal Cod Loins – Guild of Chefs Approved
Artic Royal Sea Bream Fillets – Guild of Chefs Approved
Let’s take a look at the fish you can get from your Food Warehouse


Caught in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean you can get a 2 pack of Salmon fillets for £4 (260g). This pink, flaky, oily meat tastes great with Gnocchi and Pea and Four Bean Medley.


Hand selected and picked from the Indian Ocean, this shellfish is available from The Food Warehouse for £3.50 for 100g of Premium Crab meat. The Crab meat is a combination of white, from the body, and brown, from the claws and legs. Crab tastes great covered in breadcrumbs and made into patties. A delicious summer salad for any occasion.

Sea Bass

The Artic Royal is exclusive to The Food Warehouse and the Sea Bass Fillets are a real show stopper. £12 for 800g, these delicious Sea Bass fillets are farmed in the pristine waters of the Aegean Sea. The fish is filleted and frozen within hours ensuring you only serve the freshest fish. Tastes great with a range of vegetables and super foods such as our Zesty Quinoa.


No fish range would be complete without cod. You can get 800g of Artic Royal Cod Loins for £10 at The Food Warehouse which are responsibly sourced and caught in MSC certified fishing areas. Cod Loins are considered the prime cut of cod fillets, making them perfect sized portions.

Smoked Haddock

Caught in the Atlantic and smoked in the UK you can pick up 700g of Artic Royal Smoked Haddock for £10. The Food Warehouse carefully smoke the Haddock over oak and beech wood chippings to give a lovely smoky flavour.

Sea Bream

From the waters of the Aegean Sea you can buy 400g of Sea Bre