Feeding Your New Kitten – Advice from Pets at Home

Thinking of getting or recently got a kitten? They are cute, fluffy and are lots of fun but working out what their wants and needs are is not always easy. especially since we don’t speak “meow”! Here is some helpful advice on what to feed your new Kitten from Pets at Home…

What food to feed your Kitten

There are two types of kitten food – wet and dry. There’s no right and wrong way to feed your kitten, and it may come down to what your new pet wants to eat. Although lots of people choose one or the other, you can always feed your feline friend a mix of both to give them some variety.

Dry food is good for keeping their teeth healthy but if they are struggling to eat it, try moistening the biscuits. There are plenty of cats that turn their nose up at dry food completely, so don’t be put off if your kitten doesn’t eat the dry food you’ve given them.

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If they don’t eat the dry food you give them, try wet food instead. Wet smells stronger, has a nicer texture, and helps them stay hydrated because it increases their water intake. Wet food usually comes in single serve sachets, so it’s easy for you to dish up too.

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As small and cute and cuddly as your kitten is right now, they’ll quickly grow up. This means they need lots of calories, so kitten food is very different to adult cat food. Make sure that you go for a food that’s rich in DHA. This is a fatty acid which helps your kitten’s nervous system develop properly, as well as their ears, eyes and brain. Give them the best start and watch your kitten grow into a happy, healthy cat.

Giving your kitten treats

As they’re often not thought of as animals that can be trained, it’s easy to forget about kittens when it comes to treats. This isn’t true though, and while it’ll take you longer to train your cat than most dogs, it’s definitely possible. Treats are a great way to reinforce good behaviour, and all cats love to be given a tasty little treat every once in a while.

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Although your kitten’s likely to go pretty wild for treats, it’s a good idea to know how old they should be before you start handing them out, as well as the best way to give them. And even more importantly, you also need to know which foods are poisonous to your beloved pet, as you don’t want to risk them becoming seriously ill.

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There are lots of treats that your kitten’s sure to love, and of course we’ve got a great selection available in store, including ones that you can give your pet at different ages. Buying treats is usually the most convenient way to go, as they’re ready to go and often come in large packets that’ll last for quite a long time.

There are a number of foods that are poisonous to your kitten or cat, and it’s essential that you know what they are so you can avoid feeding them to your pet. If you’re ever unsure about whether something might be suitable for your pet, it’s always best to check first. Some things which can be toxic or cause digestive upset for kittens and cats include:

  • Alcohol
  • Chocolate
  • Caffeine
  • Dairy products
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Onions and garlic
  • Avocado
  • Some nuts
  • Artificial sweeteners

Stay away from these things, and although your cat might not thank you for it, you’ll know that you’re helping them to stay fit and healthy.

For more information on how to feed your kitten, as well as the most suitable treats to give them, chat to one of the expert members of staff in store at Pets at Home, WillowBrook.