New Ethique Range Exclusive to Holland and Barrett

Last week we were lucky enough to get our hands on the all new Ethique shampoo bars exclusive to Holland and Barrett. If you are looking for a vegan and sustainable shampoo, which also smells incredible and provides great benefits to your hair then look no further! Read on to find out what we thought…

Ethique (the French word for ethical) is a vegan, cruelty free and environmentally sustainable beauty brand and a UK exclusive to Holland and Barrett. All the products are plant based and smell delicious – almost good enough to eat! (which we do not recommend.)

You’ll see no signs of plastic in their packaging! The bars come in cardboard boxes, which are fully recyclable. Because of this the products come in solid form and are called ‘Shampoo Bars’. To use you simply swipe the bar down wet hair several times from root to tip and then just lather!

Our Review


We got our hands on five minis from their hair care range (I know, lucky us!): Fizz Wrangler, Heal Kiwi, St Clements, The Guardian and Wonder Bar. We chose to try out the Heal Kiwi bar first – we couldn’t resist the smell of refreshing kiwi and thought of giving our scalp much needed TLC. We found the bars easy to use, with lathering happening in a matter of seconds and the lush smell of kiwi filling the air around us. The whole process felt luxurious and relaxing and our hair felt salon smooth once dried. The best part was knowing that all the ingredients were ethically sourced and that we could recycle the packaging once done. The Ethique shampoo bars definitely get a thumbs up from us and we can’t wait to try the rest of our minis!

Other Products from the Range

Ethique SuperStar! Face Cleanser & Makeup Remover 65g – £14.99 


Ethique Gingersnap Face Scrub 100g £12.99   


Ethique Saving Face Serum Bar 65g – £24.49  


Ethique Aqua Bamboo In-Shower Container – £11.99   




Pop in to WillowBrook’s Holland and Barrett to get your hands on this exclusive new range!