Using reusable coffee cups from Costa and Greggs

Unless you have been living under a rock you have probably heard the words “global warming” and “climate change” thrown around in the media quite over the last few years. With concerns growing stronger major chains such as Costa Coffee and Greggs have looked at ways they can help reduce waste by introducing reusable cups. Here’s how they help our environment and our bank balance too!

With more than 8 million tones of plastic being dumped in oceans each year, causing harm to sea life, coral reefs and the arctic, it is clear that the way we handle consumer consumption needs to change. However, recycling isn’t always the answer especially when 91% of plastic goes un-recycled.  Adding to that, most single use coffee cups aren’t even recyclable, and with half a trillion being manufactured each year, that is a major problem.


In an attempt to combat this, major coffee chains such as Costa and Greggs have introduced reusable coffee cups. Not only will re-using the same coffee cup reduce the amount of waste damaging our planet, when you re-use your cup you can also save cash! Every time you take your reusable cup in to Costa you get 25p off of your drink and 20p off in Greggs (that brings the price of a tea down to just 80p!!). Although it might not seem much, if you buy a coffee on your way to work every day that discount soon adds up (£65 a year at Costa to be precise). And with handy travel cups like the Costa Collapsible Cup there really isn’t a reason to say no!

Here are some of our favourites:


Greggs reusable coffee cup: £2.00

Costa Collapsible Cup – £9.95

Costa Thermal Flask – £7.95


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